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USC-Amazon Center on Trusted AI!

Updated: Feb 10

I am thrilled to be the inaugural director of the just announced USC-Amazon Center on Secure and Trusted Machine Learning (Trusted AI), which will focus on development of new approaches to machine learning (ML) privacy, security, and trustworthiness.

The expectation is that the center will unleash a new line of fundamental research on privacy and security aspects of machine learning – a timely and critical effort given the proliferation of artificial intelligence across all aspects of society from education to finance, transportation, healthcare, and many others.

Each year, the center will provide support for research projects focused on the development of new methodologies for secure and privacy-preserving machine learning solutions that can scale to support billions of users. In addition, the center will provide annual fellowships to talented doctoral students working in this research area, enabling them to advance research frontiers. Fellowship recipients will be named as Amazon ML Fellows in recognition of their promise and achievements. These fellowships will give students greater understanding of industry and solution-driven research.

Stay tuned for more information!

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